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Have you ever felt the need to reduce your energy consumption after seeing high electricity bills? Well, turning off lights when not in use, buying energy-efficient appliances, and unplugging electrical devices is a good start. However, you need more insights into your daily energy usage pattern.

A home energy monitor helps you achieve that by sending hourly, daily, and weekly energy consumption alerts directly to your smartphone.

What is a home Energy Monitor?

Energy monitor is a device that offers you detailed visual data and graphics on your real-time and historical household electricity usage. An energy monitor displays (in Kwh) your daily/weekly/monthly energy usage.

The home energy monitor we install is more advanced than others. It helps you identify which appliances are using the most energy and which ones are consuming the least.

We know that Energy Saving is important to Australians, so we do our best to make sure you upgrade process is seamless.

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Australian Green Solution Electricity Advisor connects directly to your in-home smart electricity meter, and sends data directly to your phone or chosen device, tracking and reporting on your real-time electricity usage.

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See real-time energy data and personalised tips and insights, and gain access to more intel like energy spike alerts, seeing always-on usage, peak electricity usage times and more.


emerald EMS is helping thousands of Australians save hundreds of dollars on their quarterly electricity bills.

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Energy monitor or In-home display (IHD) tracks your live electricity consumption, and it is helpful in making energy-saving habits. IHD device reads consumption data from the home smart meter, and it is relayed (via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi) to IHD display device or your smartphone.

By taking an energy-conscious decision (based on electricity usage pattern data captured by the IHD) and understanding your energy use pattern, home energy monitors can reduce power bills by over 10%.

Depending upon the energy-conscious actions you take after analysing your electricity-usage pattern and user insights offered by our energy monitor, a Victorian homeowner can expect monthly savings on power bills between 10-15%.

The energy monitoring device communicates with your smartphone via Bluetooth connection. Our installer will connect the device to your smartphone and test it by turning an appliance on or off.

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